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  • Akio Tanabe Akio Tanabe
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    Skilled in consulting from a mixed point of view of statistics and biology, and in planning software development.
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If no consultant is available, please leave a message from Contact Us.

Free Online Support and Seminars

If you have any problems on using Subio Platform and plug-ins, please call any consultants whose statuses are “Available.” The online support is absolutely free.

Chargeable Service

We also provide wide variety of chargeable services. Please purchase Helpdesk Tickets to order. Tickets are valid for one year, and not convertible to plug-ins.

Initiation Service (4 tickets)

  • JPY
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  • EUR

All you need to do is sending raw data files to our helpdesk. We import your data, integrate with biological information, apply a suitable normalization, perform statistical analyses and send back you a Subio Series Archive (SSA) file, which you can easily import by drag-and-drop on Subio Platform. A one-hour web meeting is included to show how to see the data and how the data was analyzed. Learn more.

* We ask additional tickets for large data sets (over 40 samples) or intensive tasks. Please contact us for an estimate.

Tasks requiring 1 ticket per hour

  • Additional services of Initiation Service.
  • Collecting and arranging gene/protein annotations.
  • Converting formats and miscellaneous data handling tasks.
  • Making figures and tables for publications and presentations.
  • Consulting on writing papers and technical documents.
  • Submitting your data to NCBI’s GEO.
  • Developing new functions of Subio Platform or plug-ins.

Tasks requiring 2 tickets per hour

  • On-site seminar/consulting.
  • Developing scripts or general software.
  • On-site system development.

Initiation Service

We recommend Initiation Service for who have no or little experience in omics data analysis.

If you don’t have the expertise or time to do it by yourself, we supply the lack of technicians. You are no longer bothered by operations or even learning most part of software operation which is not important for biological study.

Omics data

NimbleGen, etc.
Illumina GA
SOLiD, etc
Public Database
Gene Expression Omnibus, etc.

Biological Information

Gene annotation
Genomic location
Database queries

Statistical Analysis

DEG (fold, p-value, FDR)
Clustering and PCA
Extracting neighbor genes
GO categories and Pathways
Regulatory sequence

SSA file

This is what we do, and now it’s your job to interpret and discover in a context of your study, which nobody can substitute. You can easily import the SSA file by drag-and-drop on Subio Platform. Of course, you can share it with coworkers and collaborators.

You can do many things with free Subio Platform like,

  • visualizing data in graphs, pathways and genome browsers.
  • selecting and extracting genes by dragging on charts.
  • searching genes by names and functional terms.
  • combining gene lists with Venn diagram.
  • exporting tables of values or annotations.
  • creating images for presentations and publications.

Terms of Service

Subio Inc. (We) will provide a new style of helpdesk service at the lowest price ever. Customers are requested to understand the limitations of our responsibilities.

1. No Responsibility for Internet Communication
We will use Skype and other internet communication tools. The security completely depends on those systems and we don't have any responsibilities.
2. No Guarantee
We don't guarantee our service, reports or programs which we provide. We don't refund if you don't satisfy with our results. We don't compensate if you get damaged from our results.
3. No After-cares
If you need our further support, you are requested to purchase another consulting service from us.
4. No Secrets
You must not disclose secret to us. Although we will not intentionally disclose information that we get to know during the consultation, we will not take any legal risk on secret information.
5. Governing Law
This service and the relationship between you and us shall be governed by the laws of Japan. All the lawsuits shall be exclusively brought in the Tokyo District Court of Japan.